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What are the surface treatment processes of plastic prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-09- 06 10: 56

The prototype model is used by enterprises when developing new products, mainly by verifying the structure, appearance, size and so on of products, whether the product design is reasonable or not, the plastic prototype model is mainly made through three processing methods, cnc processing, 3D printing and vacuum re-molding.

after the prototype model is processed through the machine, some surface post-treatment processes need to be done to make the prototype appearance more beautiful, the basic prototype surface treatment is polishing and fuel injection. Like some products, there will be more processes with higher requirements. Here are some processes for plastic prototype surface treatment:

1. Grinding: the prototype has just been processed from the machine. There will be knife marks and burrs on the surface. It needs to be polished with sandpaper.

2. Fuel injection: the prototype samples made can be sprayed with the required colors according to the customer's requirements, making the prototype samples more vivid and vivid, and increasing the realism of the prototype samples.

3. Silk screen printing: print the text or pattern requested by the customer on the prototype surface.

4. Plating: the sample before plating must be very smooth, there must be no trace of impurities, and then soaked in the chemical potion. This operation is divided into: Shuidu and vacuum crossing. The effect of electroplating on the plastic prototype is better, but the electroplating of pc materials is difficult.

5. Over UV: spray a layer of transparent oil on the surface of the prototype and dry it with UV light to make the product brighter and less flower-friendly, just like a protective layer.

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