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What aspects need to be considered when choosing a plastic prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-11- 08 15: 18

According to insiders, the plastic prototype model accounts for almost 60% of the entire prototype industry, and it is obvious that the plastic prototype is widely used. When making a plastic prototype, in addition to preparing the corresponding 3d drawings, you also need to find a powerful manufacturer. What aspects do you need to consider when looking for a plastic prototype model factory? Here is the Boge of the extension model to explain for you.

1. To select a better prototype manufacturer, plastic prototypes are generally used for exhibitors, so the requirements for appearance processing are very strict. If the equipment of the plastic prototype factory and the level of the master are not good, the appearance processing will be greatly reduced. The tuowei model has more than 50 experienced prototype masters, including the us cto as the technical director and the introduction of foreign fuel injection technology. In terms of equipment, the Tuowei model has set up a dust-free workshop, which can make the prototype surface free of dust when spraying.

2, to select the scale large prototype factory of plastic, in some small workshops, a person often has several jobs and is difficult to be professional, so there will be problems in the delivery period. The prototype factory with a larger scale has a more reliable delivery date. The extension model has a large CNC55 units and more than 100 employees. The production capacity is relatively strong, and the on-time delivery rate can reach more than 90%, this is not comparable to many small prototype factories.

3. Depending on the age of the plastic prototype model factory, the newly established prototype company is difficult to achieve high accuracy due to immature technology. After more than 10 years of precipitation, the tuowei model has accumulated rich prototype production technology and is processed by a five-axis machine, which is more reliable in accuracy and the general plastic prototype accuracy can reach 0. 05mm, the accuracy of metal prototype processing can even reach 0. 01mm.

so when choosing a plastic prototype model factory, attention should be paid to the problems of appearance processing, scale and length of life.

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