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What do Australia\'s small businesses want from this year\'s budget?

by:Tuowei     2019-08-10
At that time, there seemed to be a small commercial sweetener on the budget table.
\"Looking at the space, we are working on it, and the answer is yes,\" said Mr Lawdy . \".
SBS News told a number of small business owners that businesses are increasingly eager for this year\'s budget and they detail what they want on Tuesday.
John Carias, an SME accountant, told SBS News that his client would like to see an extension of theoff, which will be extended by the end of June 30.
\"We had a guy in the event management department who bought a 3D printer that he wouldn\'t normally buy, which generated five
It\'s ideal to invest value in his business, and that\'s exactly what you want to see.
\"Mr. Carias has 15 employees and is himself a small business owner based in the suburbs of Sydney, Zetland.
He said get burden to the of high
Internet speed is a problem for him.
\"This particular building is not accessible to the NBN.
However, this is a 5 star building, so the issues related to this are complicated, and for the sake of argument, I am connected here, tens of thousands of dollars can move the pipeline into the building, and then the cost per month is very high, this immediately suppressed people\'s enthusiasm.
\"Eva Hussein, a medium
Large business owners in St Kilda, a suburb of Melbourne, agree.
\"For example, we may have to consider moving to improve the speed of the Internet.
Ms. Hussain, who runs a language translation service company called Polaris, employs 30 employees.
Reducing red tape and compliance is also her top priority, and she wants the government and its services to be more accessible.
\"It\'s hard to find information and information that people can really understand written in simple English.
Johnathon Miller, general manager of Bit Trade, hopes to invest more in research and development.
\"The R & D ceiling will have a significant impact on Australia\'s innovation sector as Australia lacks government support and a culture of venture capital from traditional centers such as Silicon Valley.
\"R & D is a key investment in the economy, and the ability of Australian startups to compete on the global stage requires government support.
Jennifer Maritz, CEO of Novi, an online HR Group, said she wanted the same thing.
\"As cash flow is always on our minds, we want to see a gradual change in the government\'s R & D tax program.
There may be opportunities to provide quarterly incentives rather than once a year to help small businesses cope with challenges through cash flow.
Fadi Geha, CEO of IT company Simble, wants to invest more money in infrastructure.
\"As a small and medium-sized enterprise that is committed to helping other SMEs get through today\'s rising energy costs, we want to see the federal government continue to invest in smart grid energy infrastructure and achieve sustainable development
Terms and policies that focus on enterprise energy efficiency.
Advocating technology and supporting innovation play an important role in achieving this goal.
Most businesses tell SBS News that the most important thing on their wish list is spending cuts.
\"It helps cash flow, helps keep more money in the business, and then can invest in technology, in people, in the system,\" Hussain MS said . \". Matt Wynn-
Jones, general manager of peer technology, said he would be able to hire more people if further tax cuts were made.
\"We might consider adding one or two heads, which will only give us more cash flow, which is good for our business.
\"Staffing is key for a technical consultant who employs 12 people from different backgrounds, including cognitive and physical disabilities.
\"We have made everyone in this great and I think if there are more incentives to do that, we will have more businesses taking this approach.
\"It\'s also a problem for John Corrias, who says his biggest challenge is to reach out to employees because he competes with big accounting firms.
\"We know we have a lot of good things to offer to young students, but we often miss the opportunity to do so, so it\'s an incentive to hire these people, so that we can compete with the top of the city.
\"Addressing the skills shortage in Australia is an ongoing challenge, but most importantly the trade sector.
For the first time in 10 years, Al Roberts has hired a car mechanic to ease
Increased workload.
\"I \'ve just been working longer, starting earlier, finishing later, half done
Half day Saturday and Sunday if I have good staff then the problem is that there are not good enough technicians to want to do the job again.
The problem, Mr. Roberts said, is that they are hard to find.
\"I think we need to have more time at school, even at school, to prove that as a mechanic, plumber, or builder, it\'s not an annoying job. . .
If I were a child, I would love to do it again.
The owner of our hair salon in inner Sydney had the same problem.
\"Of course, finding young apprentices who want to work in hairdressing is a huge challenge in our industry, and the dynamics of people leaving school have changed,\" Mr. allwrite said.
He said it left the client.
\"We spent a lot of time washing color bowls, washing clothes, washing hair, making coffee, sweeping the floor, and obviously when we run a small business and do these things, in fact, our work is not efficient, this will obviously affect our turnover and profit.
\"Peter Strong of the Small Business Council of Australia believes that this is a problem to reach the crisis point.
\"Unless we can get our career system to work, the economy will be affected, the apprentices are struggling and people are not sure where the direction of this particular sector is, this really worries my members.
\"Mr. Strong suggested an old man.
Old-fashioned remedies in the federal budget.
\"I think they need to get some subsidies in terms of hiring apprentices to give a boost to certain industries.
They need to go out and say here that you get an extra $1000 or $2000 when you hire an apprentice, or anything else, and you get it in advance.
The Victorian minister of small business, Philip Dalidakis, said his state\'s budget
It came down last week-
Reach out to education providers.
\"We will serve people so they can support these industries through what they need.
But Mr Strong said employment services needed to be restructured.
\"It\'s a huge failure in our view, and it\'s one of the contributors to a bad vocational education training department, so they need to look at it.
At the same time, small business owners like Al Roberts have a responsibility to attract talent.
\"I had a great time during my apprenticeship and I thought it was fun and you have to learn new things, work on great cars and do road tests on very expensive toys.
\"Clive Allwrite has moved to the gig economy and as part of a team that has developed an online platform to match the salon with educators and workers.
\"You go to the scene and find the people you want locally, one day, half a day, or come and educate your team.
\"The federal budget will be released on Tuesday, May 8.
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