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What do you need to pay attention to doing prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2014-12- 31 11: 52

prototype, also called'First Board' Literally, it can be seen that the first sample of its product, that is, the sample used to detect whether the product design is reasonable before the product has been developed. Because the prototype can be made into a model of any product, it is widely used, and more people are making prototypes. However, there are still many precautions when making the prototype. Let's introduce it in detail.

1. Prepare 3d drawings in advance before making a prototype. Xiaobian has been a customer service for a long time. In this process, we often encounter some customers who do not have Drawings. They often have only one product picture and need us to quote. In fact, this kind of customer is the most troublesome. Give them a quotation and can't do it; Don't quote, it seems that our service attitude is not good. Therefore, before looking for a prototype manufacturer, it is best to prepare 3d drawings first, which is'Good people are really good'.

The figure is a 3d drawing for prototype

2. Look at the scale of the prototype manufacturer, in the prototype industry, the scale often reflects the strength of the manufacturer. Because the prototype industry started very low, you can set up a factory by buying two cnc machines and knowing some technology. In Shenzhen, many prototype factories are mainly small workshops, there are 6 cnc machines even if it is a big factory. When Xiao Bian passed the Phoenix interchange, he saw that there was a small prototype factory with only two machines. The company has 28 cnc machining centers and 3d printers imported from Israel. It is a relatively large manufacturer in the prototype industry.

above is where the procurement or engineer needs to pay attention when doing the prototype, the following are the things that manufacturers should pay attention to when making prototypes:

1. Prototype model production can be prepared for processing in advance to prevent failure to consider in a hurry, affect the construction period.

2. Before spraying, the prototype should consider whether the paint thickness is different from the standard required by the drawing.

3. Rough machining and finishing allowance should be considered before the prototype parts are processed to prevent cracking from being different from the inside and outside, and the product appearance has processing texture.

4. Accurate selection of materials before parts are processed. After the scheme is changed by high temperature and low temperature, the prototype personnel help the program personnel to proceed with the correction.

5. After each prototype part is processed, the program personnel measure and assemble it. The description will be corrected by the program description personnel, it is necessary to transfer to the prototype group to be processed from scratch after being determined.

if several principles mentioned above are followed, a prototype can be made.

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