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What do you need to pay attention to doing robot prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2018-08- 09 11: 19

with the popularity of robots, more and more robot manufacturers have begun to develop new products, in the process of developing new products, prototyping is an essential link. By making prototypes, you can constantly improve your drawings and make the products more perfect. What should you pay attention to when making robot prototypes?

due to the large volume of robot prototypes, therefore, when choosing a prototype factory, you need to choose a manufacturer that processes to form a large one. Under normal circumstances, most prototype factories only have a processing trip of about one metre. If you need to make a robot prototype, it is necessary to remove the parts, and the CNC machining stroke of the extension model can reach 2000mm. When making the robot prototype, the whole process can be done in most cases, so the prototype is made, the firmness is better, and the appearance is more exquisite. There is no trace of splicing.

Second, do the robot prototype or to choose a manufacturer with strict secrecy, since the robot belongs to a new type of product, it needs to be strictly protected before it is listed. The extension model is better in terms of secrecy. Generally, customers who need to be robot prototypes are required, the business of the extension model will take the initiative to sign a confidential agreement with them, and also install confidential software on the computer. Unauthorized drawings cannot be opened.

So, when doing a robot prototype, it is necessary to find a manufacturer with large processing trips and secrecy and strict, and the extension model is such a manufacturer.

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