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What do you need to pay attention to making prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-07- 04 17: 23

making a prototype model is a step-by-step process! Generally, customers should make 3D drawings before they start looking for quotations from prototype manufacturers, and then understand the detailed process of production! Or you can go to the prototype factory to conduct a field visit and then understand the process of prototype production!

These are the things that customers should do well in advance! Especially have 3D drawings ready! This thing is very important! It's not that you can prepare the plane drawings! Because you have prepared the plane drawings, it is necessary for the prototype manufacturer to find someone who will do the 3D drawings to help you, but at the same time, it is necessary to increase the price! So if you want to make a prototype model and don't want to spend that much money, try to prepare your own 3D drawings!

there is a manufacturer in Shenzhen called tuowei model that is a manufacturer of prototype models! It's been 18 years since the prototype was made! After a lot of wind and rain, but the wind and rain are unimpeded, constantly improving their own strength, has been growing their strength, in the case of many manufacturers have closed down, the extension model has survived!

because the extension model has received many customers, word of mouth is also known! So there are often customers who introduce some customers who need to make prototype models! For the help of these customers, the extension model will be kept in mind! If you also need to make a prototype or are looking for a prototype manufacturer, the extension model will be your good choice!

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