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What do you need to pay attention to when looking for prototype factory proofing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2016-12- 29 17: 25

products that have just been developed and designed often have more or less defects. At this time, prototypes need to be made to observe and find out the shortcomings, and improve to make the product more perfect. To make a prototype, in addition to designing 3d drawings, you need to find a prototype manufacturer to make proofing. When looking for a prototype factory, you need to pay attention to the following problems in order to find a suitable prototype factory.

1. Material: plastic and metal, plastic has flame resistance, high temperature resistance and heat insulation, if you don't stick glue, there will be more metal. There are also imported and domestic materials, which can be selected according to their own product testing requirements.

2. Processing method: because of CNC numerical control processing, 3D printing processing, vacuum re-mold processing, etc. If you need to make large pieces, it is better to use CNC machining, because the cost of CNC prototype model is combined according to the cost of materials, CNC working hours and surface treatment. If it is a small part with complex structure, the time for the computer gong will be very long, and the cost of the prototype will be difficult to reduce! At this time, if it is SLA, because the product is small and light, the cost can be processed at a lower cost.

3. Delivery period: the delivery period should be controlled according to its own R & D progress. If you are anxious about the delivery of the prototype, it is recommended to choose a large prototype factory to do it. Generally, the small prototype factory has fewer personnel and the delivery period is difficult to guarantee.

So, when looking for the prototype of the prototype factory, you need to pay attention to the material, processing method and delivery date, so that you can quickly develop new products.

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