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What factors affect SLS rapid prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2014-08- 06 09: 09

SLS rapid prototyping technology is a very young manufacturing field and is not perfect enough in many aspects, for example, the 3D parts currently manufactured generally have problems such as low strength, low precision and poor surface quality. Many parameters are involved in the rapid prototyping process of SLS ( Such as physical and chemical properties of materials, laser parameters and sintering process parameters, etc) These parameters affect the sintering process, molding accuracy and quality.

1. Laser energy and scanning speed

The Energy and scanning speed of the laser have an important influence on the mechanical properties of SLS sintering forming parts. Figure 2-30 shows the effect of laser energy and scanning speed on the density and strength of the molded parts. The density and intensity of the molded parts increase with the increase of laser output energy, and decrease with the increase of scanning speed. The low scanning speed and high laser energy can achieve good sintering results because the instantaneous high energy density increases and melts the temperature of the powder material and leads to a large amount of liquid phase generation, at the same time, the high temperature also reduces the viscosity of the molten liquid phase, enhances the fluidity, and can better infiltrate the solid phase particles. As with the above analysis, it is more conducive to sintering molding and improves the performance of the molded parts. However, the high laser energy density will also produce a large stress effect inside the molded parts, and the contradiction always appears in pairs.

2. The pre-heating temperature of the prototype and the layer thickness of the paving powder

regardless of any material such as sintering forming metal, ceramics and polymers, the preheating of the powder can significantly improve the performance and quality of the molded products. However, the preheating temperature can not exceed the lowest melting point or plastic temperature of the material in the powder phase. The thin powder laying layer can improve the quality of sintering and the density of the products. The layer thickness of the paving powder is controlled by the thickness parameters of the model slice, and the minimum layer thickness is determined by the particle size of the powder material. However, the thin powder laying layer will greatly affect the laser energy on the previous sintering layer.

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