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What impact does prototype model making have on product design

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2017-11- 20 15: 55

due to the different mold opening processing and molding of the model production, there are still many drawbacks, which will still have some impact on the product design, so after the model arrives, some inspections need to be done, one is processing inspection, and the other is design inspection.

processing check

, appearance model check, is it in line with the design, whether the surface treatment process is consistent with the design, and whether the overall effect has achieved the desired effect.

B, structural model check, whether it can be assembled, whether there is interference, is design interference, or model processing interference, whether the model is consistent with 3D.

C, model measures, whether it is within the reasonable and controllable range of design, usually the prototype production tolerance is 0. 5-1. In the 5 range, the larger the product, the greater the tolerance, and the greater the change of sheet metal parts, so it is necessary to mark the model production instructions, which are the key size parts, which need to be done in place, and which are the matching dimensions, if you need to control it, you should indicate it clearly.

D, whether there are any omissions in the number of accessories, don't install them when the time comes, but the East and the West are in trouble.

design check

. The appearance model should be designed to judge whether the shape is beautiful or not, whether the proportion of parts removed is coordinated, whether the surface treatment is reasonable, etc.

B. After the structural model is obtained, it is necessary to determine whether there are structural design defects after assembly, which is caused by model processing, or caused by structural design. For example, the design deduction is 0. 4, after the actual assembly is very loose, then it is necessary to judge that the model is not processed in place, resulting in a reduction in the amount of the card, so it is very loose, or the buckle arm force is too long to cause very loose, need to detect.

C, sheet metal parts need to detect the thickness of the material and the deformation and strength. The Assembly problem caused by the processing deformation of sheet metal parts is that the design does not consider the assembly problem caused by the processing deformation, or the product deformation caused by the processing of the model factory, which also needs to be tested and considered.

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