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What is a 3D printer, anyway?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Notorious peer-to-
Pirate Bay\'s peer website says the next era of documents
3D printing will be shared.
But how exactly does this work?
Controversial documents
Pirate Bay usually plays music and movies.
But now, the creator of the site is developing a new download section that allows users to freely distribute files that 3D printers can translate into real files
Supplies, from mugs to toothbrushes to toys.
But how exactly does the 3D printer work?
Is this really the next battlefield for Internet copyright?
What do 3D printers do?
It\'s a need for three.
Using a variety of materials, usually plastic, the size image file and \"print\" into a physical object.
Complex\'s Reggie Ugwu says the printers themselves are usually \"a little bigger than the hat box\", although they are indeed larger in size.
Image files can be created from programs like Google SketchUp, AutoCad, and Adobe Illustrator, sent to 3D printer via USB connection-
Like a normal document.
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Basically, it prints out objects \"layer by layer\", similar to the way the printer creates text and images line by line, says Ugwu.
\"This is an\" add-on process \", said Tony Hoffman of PC Mag \".
Unlike cutting or sanding, 3D-
Printerbuild an object \"starts from scratch.
For example, if you are printing a plastic statue, \"ink\" will pour into the melted plastic through the extruder and build a thin cross
One section at a time. It\'s time-
Consumption: the printing process can take several minutes to several hours.
How much does a 3D printer usually cost?
They don\'t come cheap.
Today, the smallest commercial unit costs as much as $1,000, and the highest quality model is more expensive.
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Architects often use them to make proportions.
The models of building units, as we all know, are used by artists to make works of art.
Recently, a enterprising plastic surgeon used a 3D printer to make a replica of the patient\'s bones in preparation for the operation --
Saved thousands of dollars for his hospital.
Can you download 3D image files from Pirate Bay? Soon enough.
\"We believe that the next step in copying will be to change from digital to physical.
It will be physical.
Or when we decide to call them physiological products, \"the owner of the site wrote in a blog post.
Toy designs can be uploaded, shared and downloaded by anyone (
Even shoes one day)
Directly from the Pirate Bay site.
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Is this really the next frontier of copyright? It may not be.
Nick Bilton of The New York Times said the site \"may not violate copyright law\" as it enters the 3D printing world \".
According to the old copyright rules, re-creating an object that is considered \"useful\" does not violate the law, and re-creating an object that is \"purely aesthetic --
Like a piece of art. is.
So \"useful objects can apply for a patent\", but copyright is a completely different area of the law.
Source: New York Times, PC Mag, Singularity hub see, complex, extreme Technology, New York Times, Singularity hub see: LG\'s \"impossible\"
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