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What is prototype proofing?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2017-02- 07 15: 48

prototype proofing is simply to make a sample after the product drawing design is completed, mainly to verify the design of new products, see if it is feasible, many companies will do this when developing new products.

prototype proofing plays a key role in the development of products. If you don't do the prototype, it will be very risky to open the mold, once there is a problem with the drawing design, the mold may be scrapped when the mold is opened later.

Shenzhen tuowei model is a powerful prototype proofing processing plant, it has more than 50 cnc processing equipment, imported 3D printers from Israel, and an independent re-mold processing department. It can be used from product proofing to small batch prototype processing, one-stop service, no need to find many suppliers, fast and convenient.

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