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What is the choice of Dongguan hardware prototype factory?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-11- 24 12: 05

It is very important to make a prototype in a powerful Dongguan hardware prototype factory, so as to better meet the needs of customer design. Since the prototype has been widely used, many prototype factories have sprung up like mushrooms. In so many Dongguan hardware prototypes, what kind of choice is better? The following is the old driver of the prototype industry--The extension model will introduce you to it.

and a good five Dongguan Jinyuan factory must have a strong strength, first of all, there must be enough high-precision processing equipment, experienced prototype technicians and complete prototype processing materials and processes, so that the prototype accuracy will be high. The extension model adopts five-axis machining, which can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. 01mm, can provide high-precision prototype for customers.

The second is that the secrecy is high, in making a prototype, it is necessary to sign a confidential agreement with the prototype factory to ensure that the product information will not be leaked in any form when the prototype is made. When the customer consulted, Dongguan hardware prototype factory not only signed a confidential agreement with the customer, but also installed the confidential software to effectively protect the customer's intellectual property rights.

as the extension model is a very powerful hardware prototype in Dongguan. manufacturers, with 17 years of experience in prototype processing and production, 55 imported precision equipment, various materials and processes are complete, and the processing accuracy is 0. 01mm.

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