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What is the cost of prototype processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-06- 01 11: 57

What is the processing cost of the prototype, which most people want to know, some customers even care about the quality of the prototype more than the price. I often encounter such customers. If there is no drawings, I will ask what the processing cost of the prototype is. In fact, the price of the prototype is not fixed. The material, process, requirements and the speed of the finished product will affect its price.

I. Accuracy and surface roughness of machined parts: if necessary, to 0. 01mm tolerance requirements, whether processing equipment or technical master, our requirements are relatively high, and the cost is relatively high;

2. Prototype structure and size: if the product structure is complex, it will be much more difficult to process, which will lead to an increase in working hours and the corresponding cost will also increase; If the overall size of the product is large, the materials to be prepared will also be large, and the cost will naturally increase.

3. The overall size is large or the appearance is a curved surface shape, and the processing cost will also increase a lot.

4. It is also related to the post-processing process to be done, the more processes are processed, the higher the cost is required.

above are some factors that affect the cost of prototype processing, if you want to know the specific price, you need to send a drawing to quote, you can contact the online customer service on the right side of our page, or call: 13510327550,24 hours to provide you with a quotation!

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