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What is the difference between the rapid prototyping processing methods

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-08- 31 15: 24

light curing rapid prototyping system and laser selective sintering rapid prototyping system are in prototype there are two main processing methods in the application of model making. So what are the similarities and differences between the two rapid prototyping? ?

The same points of two rapid prototyping technologies

the principle of molding technology is very similar, in addition, it is an indispensable technology for prototype mold production, and it is also a method for industrial design.

2. Different points of the two rapid prototyping technologies

light curing rapid prototyping the material used in the system is a liquid-shaped photosensitive resin used in the powder-like material laser selective sintering rapid prototyping system, the advantage of the light curing rapid prototyping system is that all powder-like substances that can be dissolved can be used to make prototypes or models, the products made can be used as the first sample test and structural assembly of the product. Therefore, the material that can be used by the laser selective sintering method is very wide, such as nylon material, such as PC material, such as other wax powder, and even some hardware materials can be done.

The accuracy of the products processed through the above methods is relatively different, but because the laser selective sintering method can sintering a lot of materials, even some ceramic layers of cold doors can be achieved, so the laser selective sintering process is more widely used, with a large range of applications and strong attraction in the industry, these features can also cover up the shortcomings of his low accuracy, and the problem of rough surface, which is already inefficient. Because the majority of customers understand these attributes, they can have a reference for their products when choosing the process.

general handicrafts, products with high precision requirements and high surface finish requirements, are suitable for rapid prototyping with light curing molding, if it is a large product in general, the roughness requirements are not high, and the price is relatively low, the light curing laser powder sintering is selected.

Advantages of SLA

1. The light curing molding method is an early rapid prototype manufacturing process with high maturity and time-tested.

2. The prototype is made directly by CAD digital model. The processing speed is fast, the production cycle of the product is short, and there is no need for cutting tools and molds.

3. It is possible to process prototypes and molds that are complex in shape or difficult to form using traditional means.

4. Visualize the CAD digital model and reduce the cost of error repair.

5. To provide samples for the experiment, the results of computer simulation calculation can be verified and checked.

6. It can be operated online and can be controlled remotely, which is conducive to the automation of production.

defect of SLA

1. The SLA system is expensive and costly to use and maintain.

2. SLA system is a precision equipment to operate liquid, which is demanding on the working environment.

3. Most of the molded parts are resin, with limited strength, rigidity and heat resistance, which is not conducive to long-term preservation.

4. The pre-processing software and the driving software have a large amount of operation and are too related to the processing effect.

5. The software system is complicated to operate and difficult to get started. The file format used is not familiar to the majority of designers.

6. Stereo light curing technology is monopolized by a single company.

The Development Trend and prospect of SLA

The Development Trend of stereo light curing molding method high speed, energy conservation, environmental protection and micromation.

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