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What is the difference between vacuum duplex and low pressure perfusion

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2017-09- 06 14: 59

The principle of vacuum compound mode and low-pressure perfusion is similar: both prototype and physical prototype are made first, then make a silicone mold through this prototype, and then copy it in batches through this silicone mold. Generally, domestic silicone molds can only be copied more than ten times, and the service life of foreign silicone molds is slightly longer. However, there is also a difference between vacuum mode and low pressure perfusion, mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1. The objects acting are different: vacuum compound mold is mainly used to replicate small-volume plastic prototypes in small batches (Such as ABS, PC, acrylic prototype, etc) However, low pressure perfusion is used to copy large plastic prototypes, such as car bumper prototypes, etc. The size of such prototypes is large and it is not appropriate to use vacuum compound molds.

2, the size of the silicone mold is different: since the vacuum compound mold is used to make a prototype with small volume, the volume of the silicone mold produced is also relatively small, and when using low pressure perfusion, the prototype copied is relatively large, therefore, when making silicone molds, the size of the molds is very large and hard.

In summary: the main difference between vacuum compound mold and low pressure perfusion is that the copied prototype volume is different, and the size of the silicone mold volume is different.

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