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What is the high-precision Guangdong prototype proofing factory?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-02- 27 08: 05

Miss Gong Ming Li searched online'Guangdong prototype proofing' To find the extension model, Miss Li wanted to customize the prototype of the car lights. Cao Gong received her from the relevant business. Miss Li asked how much Cao Gong's accuracy could be achieved. What if she could not reach the accuracy?

learned through Cao Gong's communication with her, it turned out that Miss Li had customized the lamp prototype in other Guangdong prototype proofing manufacturers, and the accuracy was not very high. During the test, the accuracy was seriously affected, so the products made were different from the actual design, this is to find the extension model on the Internet.

Miss Li wants to order a high-precision prototype of the lamp, and there should be no problem in quality assurance, cao Gong told Miss Li that the Guangdong prototype proofing factory adopts five-axis machining, which can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. 01mm, at the same time, it also provides a three-dimensional inspection report, which can achieve the effect she wants in terms of accuracy. If there is a problem with quality, it can be redone free of charge until Miss Li is satisfied. Seeing Cao Gong's statement with such confidence, of course, Miss Li is willing to place an order to tuowei's model.

Guangdong prototype proofing factory has been engaged in high-precision prototype production for 18 years, can do 0 in terms of accuracy. 01mm, if you need to make a prototype, please consult the extension model. I believe that the service and quality of the extension model will satisfy you.

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