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What is the price of prototype manufacturing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-06- 18 08:01

when most enterprises develop a new product, they will do prototype manufacturing according to the product drawings to see the effect, whether the design of the test product is feasible is a key link in the process of developing the product, so what is the price of prototype manufacturing?

to evaluate the price of prototype manufacturing requires the customer to provide 3D drawings over, it is also necessary to explain the production requirements of the prototype, including materials, processing methods, quantity and surface processing techniques, etc. The manufacturer will evaluate the quotation according to this information.

if there is no 3D drawing, there is no way to do the price of prototype manufacturing, drawings are drawn by the design company or product R & D personnel. If there is a product, you can also draw 3D drawings by copying.

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