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What is the process of prototype model processing?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2017-09- 05 19: 36

The prototype model processing process is as follows:

I. Programming: the programmer analyzes 3D data and writes the programming language of the control CNC machining center;

second, CNC machining: Enter the compiled programming language into the computer control processing center and execute program commands;

3. Manual processing: sorting out the products after processing. The main contents include: Proofreading data, removing edges, bonding, polishing, etc;

4. Surface treatment: complete various surface effects in the renderings, commonly used are painting, silk screen printing, electroplating, special laser carving, Anode Oxidation, wire drawing, etc;

V. Assembly: After processing, data detection is carried out on assembly problems, need to be assembled before surface treatment;

6. Packaging: package the detected prototype;

What is the post-surface treatment of the prototype model:

I. Manual processing: sample and polish the samples made in the above three ways and assemble them. This program is to make all parts components into a finished product.

second, fuel injection: spray the color of the prototype samples that have been made according to the customer's requirements;

3. Silk Screen: print words or patterns on the plane of the prototype samples that have been prepared.

4. Pad printing: print words or patterns on uneven surfaces of the prototype. ( On the basis of silk screen printing, a piece of steel plate should be made at a price of more than 100 yuan. )

5. Laser carving: Paint the surface of the product with laser to make some positions transparent. (For example, the mobile phone button, the car DVD button. Lenses, etc)

6. Plating: For the sake of some details of the product, coated with a layer of silver-branded product color, the sample before plating must be very smooth, there must be no trace of impurities, and then soaked in chemical potions. (Ferry and vacuum ferry)

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