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What is the process of prototype model processing acceptance?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2018-12- 01 11: 07

Everyone must want to have a good prototype when making the prototype model. Naturally, the prototype model needs to be accepted after the prototype team is processed. So, what are the prototype model processing acceptance process?

Many people feel that it is OK to have an overall inspection during acceptance now, in fact, it is not like what everyone said. Many aspects need to be noticed. First of all, in the prototype model processing and acceptance, we need to see if the assembly is firmly installed. Many people did not pay attention to this link during the acceptance, which caused a lot of quality problems in the parts. Therefore, we must have a very good understanding of the parts assembly during acceptance.

Secondly, it is also necessary to see if the characteristic meets the requirements and the strength is not enough. When checking the prototype, you must look at whether the prototype tolerance is right or not, otherwise it is easy for the prototype to appear on the design drawings, which violates the original intention of making the manual model. Moreover, it is also necessary to check what its storage conditions are, otherwise it is easy for the R & D team and customers to dislike the damage of the prototype model, which will have a great impact.

of course, in addition to the processing acceptance process of these two prototype models mentioned above, it is also necessary to see if the quality of the prototype model is qualified. If the quality is unqualified, it will have a great impact on the subsequent use, and it will be very difficult to carry out corresponding remedies. Therefore, when you check your prototype model, you must have a detailed understanding of the above three aspects, otherwise it will only affect your prototype model effect, it will also cause great losses to its own funds.

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