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What is the process of the product prototype factory?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-02- 26 09: 57

The prototype is mainly to better let the designer understand the rationality of product appearance, structure design and performance, so as to optimize and improve the product, or take it to the exhibition. When making a prototype, the processing technology is naturally indispensable. If you don't know about the prototype processing technology, it will be more troublesome to choose. As a prototype factory with more than 10 years of experience, let's introduce some processing techniques of the prototype.

like fuel injection, silk screen printing, laser carving, electroplating, drawing and so on are the processes commonly used in the product prototype factory. In this case, the fuel injection is mainly to spray the prototype samples that have been made according to the customer's requirements, it is mainly suitable for some plastic materials with good adhesion, such as ABS, and it is used less in metal materials. This is mainly because the adhesion of metal materials is not so good, and it is easier to drop paint. Taking the prototype of aluminum alloy as an example, if you want to dye color on the surface of the prototype, the oxidation process is generally used; Like some vacuum re-molded products, most of them need to be sprayed with a 2K primer first and then injected.

while drawing is used more on metal materials, it is mainly to pull out a fine mark on the surface of aluminum, so that the prototype has a good texture, but the silk lines on the plastic prototype are generally made by laser carving, its basic principle is to let the laser move on the prototype surface according to the path set by the program, and the high temperature generated by the laser will produce traces in the past. However, because the laser engraving machine is more expensive, the general product prototype factory will not buy.

The above is the prototype processing introduced to you by the product prototype factory. knowledge of the process, hope to help you.

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