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What is the prototype attack?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2015-10- 31 14: 50

In the prototype industry, the process of tapping teeth is often heard. The so-called tapping is that after the prototype model is processed, if you need to enter the screw on the prototype, you need to make a screw hole in the prototype and then hit the screw again. The process of punching is to attack the teeth. After the teeth are attacked, the screws can be placed.

steps for tapping teeth:

1 How much is the diameter of the inner hole first calculated?

2 insert the screw attack into the work hole, and the back end is supported with a dead top.

3 The screw wrench must prevent rotation, so it must be stuck in the knife seat (The front has turned at this time)

4 cutting agents should be added frequently (Mainly oil)

5 when attacking teeth on the Zhuo bed, the rotation number of the spindle is at low speed.

6 while the work object is turning, do not break away from the screw attack

7 when the tapping machine is tapping the teeth, turn the tail hand wheel, keep the proper pressure, if loose, will break the screw attack, so pay special attention.

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