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What is the prototype model? What is its surface treatment?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-01- 02 11: 43

The prototype model is a way to verify whether the product is feasible before opening the mold, which can express the product designed by the designer intuitively, product size, structure, surface effect treatment. We need professional machines and hand masters to cooperate with each other in making prototype models, including engineering, which tests our skills. The common manufacturing processes of prototype models include complex molds, CNC and 3d printing.

The Production effect varies from product to product, different products are suitable for different production processes. Our professional staff will recommend the right process for customers to make a prototype model that is only beautiful in appearance. Surface Effect treatment is a test of the skills of the manual master, painting, sandblasting, powder spraying, uv, oxidation, electroplating, etc. The effect of each treatment method is different, we will make it according to the design and effect diagram of the product.

really thinks for the customer, it is the right way to make a prototype model for the customer's needs, in order to visually show the beauty of the product. Therefore, if you do the prototype model, you need to find a professional manufacturer, so that the prototype can play a propaganda effect at the exhibition.

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