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What is the prototype of folding glue

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2015-08- 12 16: 11

folding glue is another excellent resin variety developed after nylon, commonly known as PP, which has good flexibility, the flexibility of the folding glue is reflected in its ability to bend, even if it is only 0. The thickness of 3mm will not be broken. If it is made of abs or pc and other plastic materials, it will be broken at a discount. The surface of the same folding glue is not easy to polish, not easy to color, so it is suitable for structural parts and not for external parts.

The following figure shows a prototype of a medical box made by our company. The material used is a hundred fold glue, the folding glue at the box cover and the box body is very thin, only 0. 5mm, can be bent, the processing method it uses is cnc machining, that is, the prototype of the prototype is used by the cnc machining center, and then manually polished and injected, made what you see now.

Up to now, presumably you already know what is the prototype of the folding glue, we can help you if you want to make a prototype of folding glue.

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