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What is the role of prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2018-11- 30 14: 46

in product development, the focus of the work is to do the prototype model, and the R & D cost is more than 70% of the cost of making the prototype. Why is prototyping so important? Many successful examples show that the prototype model can make the product reflect the planning correctly, and it plays an important role in the improvement of the product. Here are several aspects to analyze the importance of the prototype model.

I. Appearance detection;

prototype model can see whether the shape and structure of the product meet the requirements, and if the product is not convenient to use after it is listed, the results do not meet the requirements in terms of appearance, which will affect the sales volume of products. By making a prototype model, we can make trial and error in the early stage to avoid the huge risk after opening the model.

2. Functional test;

The functional prototype can directly reflect the performance of the product and can directly study the product. For example, the development of an intelligent product can be directly placed in the actual scene using a functional prototype for various tests. Many mobile phones have to do prototypes for various stress tests before they go public. This test is the product function test.

3. Reduce development costs and quickly occupy the market;

if a product needs 20 thousand of the development cost, the cost of mass production needs 2 million. If the product is found to have fatal defects after delivery, the loss will be huge. Prototype models can avoid all this and quickly occupy the market.

by making a prototype model, the danger of opening the mold can be reduced and the product planning can be corrected, prototype has a special meaning in product development, early sale and rapid occupation.

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