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What is the use of photosensitive resin SLA prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2014-08- 27 16: 04

SLA rapid prototyping features:

1, high machining accuracy, generally up to 0. 1mm/100;

2, can make complex shapes (Such as hollow parts)Especially fine (Such as jewelry, crafts, etc) It is suitable for fine parts and toys such as mobile phones, radios, walkie-talkie and mouse, as well as high-tech electronic industry chassis, home appliance shell or model, motorcycle, auto parts or models, medical devices, etc;

3. The speed of manufacturing parts is fast and can be 0. 1-0. 15mm layered scanning;

4. The surface is of good quality, and it can make a very fine detail thin structure, which is easy to deal with after treatment;

5. The processing is in place, and many details that cannot be processed by CNC hand can be processed, thus reducing the workload of post-processing;

6. The toughness of SLA prototype is not as good as that of CNC prototype, and the buckle is easy to break;

SLA rapid prototyping material (Photosensitive resin) Features:

similar to the traditional engineering plastic ABS, transparent or beige liquid with a certain viscosity, the workpiece made is translucent or beige, with good strength. It can be assembled, punched, painted and silk-screen. The disadvantage is that it is not high temperature resistant.

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