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What Kind of Material Is Used to Make Transparent Prototype?

What Kind of Material Is Used to Make Transparent Prototype?


What kind of material is used to make transparent prototype ?

In prototype industry,the materials used in production of transparent prototype are PC and PMMA (acrylic),but some customers will expect that the product in the future will be done with PC transparent material,then they are required to do prototype as prefered PC transparent material.

transparent prototype

But there is a problem which is worth nothing. The texture of the PC material is relatively hard, in the latter part of grinding and polishing process;if you want the product as transparent goods is very difficult.Therefore ,in the production of transparent prototype the better choice is PMMA material.

The following explaination will be detailed below

From the point of polish and polishing,the PC hand will spend a long time,because it is a relatively hard material ,in some small places the staff cannot force to polish so it is even easy polish in the polished place.The time that is spent is more than the PMMA prototype is long. On the contrary ,the use of soft material is to do the transparent prototype will be lot easier.

From the aspect of color PC material is not completely transparent if you carefully observe,the PC material that is used to make the prototype will be found on the surface as a glowing purple,if you want it completly transparent,then we need to swallow up the time of the syrup(which is a chemical reaction); and the PMMA material is completly transparent ,so the PMMA prototype is already polished out and already transparent and there is no need for the treatment. There are number of images that show the difference between the PC prototype and PMMA prototype.

The PC prototype is a fumigation transparent.

Pc prototype and PMMA prototype

The PMMA prototype is a polished transparent.

After watching my explaination, i believe that you might understand the transparent prototype and later you can choose the right material and when to do the prototype.

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