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What kind of private prototype customization service manufacturer is suitable for you

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2017-10- 24 11: 18

people now pay special attention to personality and hope that their things can be different, so young people nowadays especially like private customization. Before the prototype processing technology came out, all the products were basically very similar and had no new ideas, but now they are different, because the CNC processing technology has been greatly excavated, so now a lot of people are starting to choose the prototype customization service.

The prototype needs to find some enterprises with this service and reliable quality at the same time, because the customized prototype should highlight its personality, the requirements for quality and surface treatment will be very strict, so it must be particularly cautious when choosing a manufacturer. All manufacturers have great differences in scale and technical level. Some have been prototype factories for more than ten years, and some have just started, so it is very necessary to choose an experienced large prototype factory to customize the prototype.

The following figure is a Buddha statue made by Chen Zong of Tiandi inter-national tourism. base prototype. His situation is as follows: he bought a Buddha statue of high-end atmosphere, but he has not been able to find a suitable base to place it. He needs to customize a high-end base, so I thought of looking for a prototype factory through the network. I found the extension model and made a prototype of the high-end atmosphere.

If you need a private custom prototype, you can choose the extension model, 16 years of prototyping experience and 55 CNC machining centers, and you will be sure to make a prototype that will satisfy you.

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