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What kind of process is the so-called prototype model?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-09- 01 22: 32

what kind of process is the so-called prototype model? The development of the prototype model has been for many years. At the beginning, because it was made by hand, such as oil mud carving, it was processed by manual cutting and cutting, so it's called prototype. In fact, it should be a batch of samples made by the product before opening the mold, the first sample, so there is another name called the first board! The current prototype has already broken the limitations of the previous process, the emergence of advanced CNC fine carving process, rapid SLA laser rapid prototyping, and efficient and low-cost batch copy molds, so that the manual prototype has changed a lot! Whether it is the accuracy of the prototype or the appearance of the prototype, the products made with the open steel mold can already reach a great close. The strength of people using ABS material is very high, and the transparency of the silicone acrylic material is equivalent to that of the organic glass, the soft rubber material used can be adjusted with the soft and hard degree of the rubber material used at the actual cost. These good materials are prototypes that can be almost false!

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