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What kind of prototype factory is better to find?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-07- 04 09: 25

In the process of designing the product, after people have carried out the design drawings, I really want to know whether the items of my design plan coincide with my own design concept and whether the structure is reasonable, so I have to find a prototype factory to proofing. There are still a lot of applications in the prototype industry. So which prototype model manufacturing plants are better? It is proposed that you understand the extension model.

in terms of region, tuowei model is located on the edge of national highway 107, east of the airport, with good geographical location and convenient transportation, so as to facilitate customers to come to the prototype model factory to see the factory including the express delivery of its prototype model; In terms of business scale, the extension model has 55 CNC machining equipment and more than 160 employees, which can reasonably ensure the delivery of the prototype model; From the post-processing point of view, the experienced fuel injection master is hired, which can make the color of the surface of the prototype model smaller and the gloss more gorgeous; In terms of privacy, signing a confidential agreement with the customer reasonably maintains the customer's information and cannot send photos of the relevant customer prototype model within the required time; Even if the information security period has passed, it is necessary to ask the customer's consent to upload.

prototype model manufacturing plant not only produces high precision of prototype model, and the delivery time is also on time, is the prototype model customization expert next to you. Whether you make a prototype or 100 prototypes, the extension model is meticulous. Only by respecting your every effort for Tuowei, it is the trust of Tuowei, so the Tuowei people can only pay 200% of this effort to repay you.

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