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What needs attention for aluminum alloy prototype customization

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 09 16: 37

aluminum alloy is a common processing material in the prototype industry, and it is no stranger to everyone, there are often many customers who need to develop new products to customize the aluminum alloy prototype. However, there are many precautions for customizing the aluminum alloy prototype. Here is a detailed introduction to you:

1, before making an aluminum alloy prototype, you need to prepare 3d drawings first, find the prototype manufacturer, and send them the drawings directly to quote them. If the price is appropriate, you can immediately produce them. If there are no drawings, you need to go to the design company to do 3d drawings, which will inevitably reduce work efficiency.

2. Do not excessively pursue low prices, in the era of transparent market prices, low prototype prices are likely to be the price trap. Therefore, when making a prototype, you can't just pay attention to the price, but also need to consider many aspects.

3. When the aluminum alloy prototype is processed in CNC, in order to reduce the friction between the tool and the prototype, cutting fluid is usually used, such as water-based cutting fluid, which can reduce clamping time and improve processing efficiency and is easy to clean; The heat dissipation effect of oily cutting fluid is good for the use of products with high dimensional accuracy requirements. The disadvantages affect the clamping efficiency and are not conducive to cleaning. It needs to be selected according to direct needs.

The above is the problem that needs to be paid attention to when the aluminum alloy prototype is customized. I hope it can help you.

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