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What needs attention in the prototyping process

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2014-10- 21 18: 47

The design of the prototype is the most important step to improve the quality of the prototype, and many factors need to be taken into account, including the selection of prototype materials, the usability and safety of prototype structure, the operability of prototype parts and the convenience of prototype maintenance should be considered as much as possible at the beginning of the design.

The selection of prototype materials should not only meet the customer's requirements for product quality, it is also necessary to take into account the cost of the material and its strength during the set period. Of course, it is necessary to select materials according to the type of prototype, the mode of use, the processing speed, and the main failure form. For example, the main failure form of the punching die is the wear of the cutting edge, and the material with high surface hardness and good wear resistance should be selected; The mold is mainly subjected to periodic loads, which can easily cause surface fatigue cracks and cause surface peeling, so it is necessary to select materials with good surface toughness; The drawing die should choose materials with particularly low friction coefficient; Since the die casting die is subjected to cyclic thermal stress, materials with strong thermal fatigue should be selected.

some matters need to be paid attention to in prototyping and Processing:

(1) The prototype process route can be divided into two processing according to the needs of the workpiece. First process the inner wall of the prototype, mill the benchmark, and then flip 180. Clamping, machining the outer surface and the position of the key screen. If the outer surface is processed first and then the inner wall is processed, it is difficult to locate the clamp for secondary processing.

(2)If the thickness of the prototype is only 1. 5mm, the external surface is prone to deformation and crushing. If you add filler to the processed cavity to support. This avoids the processing of through-hole parts and then filling gypsum, otherwise it is difficult to separate finished products and fillers.

(3) To repair the trimmed surface first, cover the position of your surface through hole, perform the whole surface processing, and then complete the through hole processing in the digging slot, in order to avoid the phenomenon that the knife Road is not smooth and the cutting force is uneven when processing to the through hole.

(4)Remember! The reference cut angle should be milling first to avoid the wrong direction of the embryo when flipping the clamp.

(5) Note: in the production process, the cutting should be simulated first, and after the inspection is correct, the processing should be carried out and the numerical control processing should be carried out.

various parts on the prototype should have sufficient strength and stiffness to prevent damage and deformation during use, the fastening parts should have anti-loosening measures to avoid accidental injury to the operator. Waste or workpiece missile phenomena are not allowed during processing, affecting the operator's attention and even injuring the operator. In addition, it is necessary to avoid cutting people with burrs.

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