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What problems exist in the processing of medical equipment prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2017-12- 21 10: 57

The emergence of any technology will bring progress to the society, but there will also be some drawbacks. At the beginning of the prototype production technology, it greatly improved the production efficiency of medical equipment prototypes and liberated people from busy labor. Of course, there are still some problems at present. So, what are the problems in the prototype processing of medical equipment? The following is explained by the extension model.

The problem that exists:

1. The material utilization efficiency is not high

The prototype of medical equipment is generally processed by CNC, and its principle is to subtract from the raw material, in order to get the approximate shape of the prototype, some products are too large in size, on the one hand, it is difficult to find such a large material; On the other hand, even if there are materials, the Z direction of the machine tool is not necessarily so high, and the processing of the whole material is a waste of materials. Compared with the current 3D printing technology, it is simply a bad day. The 3D printing technology has a very high utilization rate of materials, and it will not waste as much materials as it needs.

2. The workload of processing complex parts is large

CNC machining technology can only process some prototype models of simple shapes, it is very difficult to process some complex shapes of prototypes. If you want to do complex parts, you need to disassemble them for processing, and then splicing them back. The workload is very large, and the performance of the prototype is not as good as that of the whole processing.

3. Fixture Design should consider

The design of the fixture needs to be taken into account when making the part model, but now there are a lot of technologies that don't need to consider fixtures when making models.

So, in the process of processing, the medical equipment prototype will have the problem of low material utilization efficiency, difficult processing of complex parts and considering the fixture.

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