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What prototype needs to provide

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2017-09- 06 16: 41

This situation is often encountered. Some visitors only provide one picture and 2d map and ask what the price is for making this prototype. If it is only a picture, it is difficult to quote an accurate price. First, there is no corresponding material description; Second, there is no specific size data. There are 2d drawings that are a little bit better, at least able to see the relevant data, but this situation can only be quoted and cannot be done. If you want to make a prototype at a faster speed, 3d drawings need to be provided.

This is because one of the links in making prototypes is programming, which requires 3d drawings. In general, much more used drawings are in stp format and are made by proE programs, in addition drawings in these formats of GS, X-T, prt can also be made; If you need to do a 3d printing prototype, you need to provide drawings in stl format. In any case, it is better to provide the drawings of stp format. If you need to change the format, our programming department can also transfer it to you.

you will say that I don't even have 2d drawings, only physical objects, can prototype be made? The answer is OK, you just need to mail the physical item to us, we can copy the number and design the 3d drawings, but there is an extra charge.

In short, if you are making a prototype, you need to provide 3d drawings in formats such as stp, igs, etc, if the prototype you want to do is more complicated, that is, there are many parts, you need to make a list and indicate the material and processing technology on it, which will greatly improve the work efficiency.

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