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When making a prototype, don't believe in a low-cost prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2017-10- 20 16: 33

It is possible that you will encounter this situation-- When you find a lot of prototype factories, the price they quote is a little high. Suddenly, a prototype factory is willing to help you with the prototype at the price of cabbage. Don't believe it. There are only two possibilities for low prices. One is that poor materials are used, and the other is that the quality is not high!

each industry is divided into low-end, mid-end, high-end products, and each supplier is positioned differently. The prototype price is high and low, and the quotation between different prototype suppliers is sometimes very different. At this point, there is no advantage for large prototype factories. Compared to the small workshops of a few people, they have to make the machine work, as long as there is a single, regardless of the price. Although the price of such manufacturers is low, is the quality guaranteed? It is precisely because the threshold of this industry is low, there are many manufacturers, and the market price is thus disrupted, so some customers will feel that the price difference is too far.

Here, the extension model should be used when quoting customers. conduct strict assessments, it will be reviewed by a special business manager step by step according to the material cost, processing cost, labor cost. The calculation of the price has a fixed standard, and it will not be as high and low as some manufacturers. Therefore, when you do the prototype of the extension model, you will have a reasonable price on the premise of quality assurance and fast delivery.

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