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Where can a precision prototype model of aluminum alloy be made

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2017-05- 18 16: 23

aluminum alloy materials have the advantages of small density, high strength and easy processing, so they are widely used in the prototype industry, many high-end prototypes are made of aluminum alloy. At present, there are many manufacturers who can make aluminum alloy prototypes, but there are few manufacturers who can do very precision. Among many prototype factories, which one is better?

This is a prototype of the car hub made by the extension model for the customer. The material is aluminum alloy. At that time, the customer found many prototype factories, these manufacturers can't do it, because the space in the middle is not only large, but also not straight, so it is very troublesome to gongs. When the project of the extension model solves this problem, it first uses a lathe car, and then uses the CNC machining center to make a gong, so in the case of no disassembly, the hub prototype is made, moreover, the accuracy is relatively high and is controlled at 0. 05 ~ 0. 1mm.

The figure shows that the CNC machining of aluminum alloy wheel hub prototype

extension model has been established since 2002. began to engage in prototype processing, up to now, it has accumulated 15 years of experience and has 55 large CNC machining centers, including 24 high-speed drilling and tapping centers, which not only have high processing accuracy, moreover, the automatic tool change device is installed, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and enable customers to receive the prototype faster.

wheel hub prototyping process

can currently do although there are many prototype manufacturers, however, there are not many manufacturers who can make precision aluminum alloy prototype models, and the extension model is one of the few prototype factories.

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