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Where is the prototype model better than the mold opening?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2017-09- 06 16: 35

In the past, people used to open the mold directly when they needed to develop new products, regardless of whether the design of the drawings was reasonable or not, due to the lack of testing before opening the mold, therefore, when we find that the products we have made are defective, we have already caused irreparable losses. The prototype model is different. It is one or several functional models that are made according to the product appearance drawings or structural drawings without opening the mold to check the appearance or structural rationality. Compared with the mold, it has the following features:

1. The cost is relatively small, since the prototype is mainly used for testing, the number of prototypes is usually not too large, and due to the continuous maturity of CNC machining, 3d printing and other technologies, the cost of making prototypes has dropped significantly compared with the previous ones. The cost of making molds is generally tens of thousands or more, and the cost of molds for large medical devices is millions. In addition, some structural prototypes can directly serve as commodities for direct sales in the market. The aesthetics of the prototype is no less than that of the mold opening, and the cost is less than one in ten.

2. The time used is less. Generally speaking, the time spent on opening the mold is very long, and the time spent is half a month, more than a month or even longer. The cycle of making a prototype model is very short, usually in a few days. If 3d printing is used, the speed is faster, usually half a day.

3. The prototype model can be displayed as a sample at the exhibition before the product is not developed, and the promotion of new products can be done in advance, even orders can be obtained directly at the exhibition, and the opening model does not have such advantages.

In summary, the prototype model is less expensive than the mold opening, and the time spent is short.

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