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Where to customize the robot prototype, the extension model is tailored for you

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2017-09- When developing robots at 18: 00

, it is usually necessary to do a small number of prototypes to test, and then decide whether to open the mold for mass production. However, the price of a robot prototype is not low, only those companies with strong economic strength can do it. In addition to the strength of customers, there are only a few manufacturers who can make robot prototypes, because robot prototypes have high requirements for the manufacturer's processing itinerary, surface treatment and assembly technology. So where should I go to find a manufacturer that can customize the prototype of the robot?

extension model has been engaged in prototype customization for 16 years and has 55 large CNC machining centers, with a processing stroke of 2000, especially suitable for processing large pieces such as robot prototypes; And hired the us cto as the technical director, the introduction of foreign fuel injection technology, the prototype appearance effect is 30%. More importantly, the extension model has a lot of experienced prototyping masters. It is very skilled when assembling. Here is a delivery robot prototype made by the extension model.

so if you are looking for a robot prototype customization manufacturer, you can choose a powerful prototype company like the extension model, and we can tailor it to your drawings.

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