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Where to find the plastic prototype processing factory with high cost performance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
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According to the current market demand, the demand for plastic prototypes is still relatively large, accounting for almost 60% of the entire prototype industry, it can be seen that the use of plastic prototypes is still very extensive. When making a plastic prototype, you need to find a plastic prototype processing factory with high cost performance, which can not only ensure the quality of the prototype, but also the price is not too high.

if a plastic prototype is generally made, customers are very concerned about accuracy. To make a high-precision plastic prototype, you need to find a good manufacturer of processing equipment. At present, most plastic prototype processing plants can only achieve the prototype accuracy of 0. About 1mm, while the extension model is processed by imported CNC equipment, the accuracy can reach 0. 05mm, this is already very high in the whole prototype industry.

Secondly, it is also necessary to find a plastic prototype processing factory with good appearance treatment effect. At present, the economic situation is depressed. Many prototype factories are reluctant to invest in fuel injection in order to save costs. The extension model is different from them. In recent years, it has not only hired the us cto as the technical director, but also set up a dust-free workshop, which can make the surface effect of the prototype very good.

In the whole peer, the prototype processing of the extension model is at a medium level, but the machining accuracy and appearance effect of the prototype are indeed bars, if you need to find a plastic prototype processing factory with high cost performance, look at the extension model.

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