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Which factories need to make prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2014-07- 18 16: 48

want to know which factories need to make prototype models? First understand what the prototype model is and the role of the prototype model. The so-called prototype model is generally the sample of the product. Before the product has been developed, it is used to detect whether the structure of the product is reasonable and the size of the product is different from the actual. If there is no problem with these, you can open a mold for mass production.

The role of the prototype model is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Show the design of the product, since the prototype model is a concrete object and a real thing, it can be used to see the appearance of the product.

2. The rationality of the detection structure and function is measured by using calipers to detect whether the structure of the product is reasonable.

3. It is applied to preliminary matters such as review, exhibition, advertisement, etc. Before your product is not developed, you can take the prototype model to participate in the exhibition, do a good job in the early stage of publicity, so as to get more sales orders.

4. Lead the market with prototype model and shorten the development cycle.

5. As a reference for mold design, the risk of mold repair and mold modification can be completely avoided. If the prototype model is not made and the mold is opened for production, once there is any problem with the product, it takes a lot of time to repair and change the mold, and it also costs a lot of money. Especially in the medical industry, it usually takes millions to open a set of molds. If the prototype model is not made in advance for testing, once there is a problem, the loss is very huge.

as can be seen from the above, the role of the prototype model should not be underestimated, as long as it is any manufacturing enterprise, it is necessary to make prototype models to detect products, ranging from small caps and zippers to medical devices and sports equipment. The following video will introduce you to the process of making the prototype model:

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