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Which is good for medical prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-01- 28 08:23

most enterprises need to do prototype models to verify in the process of developing new products, mainly to detect the appearance of products, whether the structure and size meet the requirements, such as when the enterprise wants to develop a medical product, it will be after the drawing design is completed, find a medical prototype factory to make a prototype model to verify according to the product drawings.

So which one is good for the medical prototype model factory? It is necessary to understand the quality of the prototype model of the manufacturer. Generally, before the cooperation, the manufacturer will be required to provide some photos they have done before, or if the distance and time allow, you can go to the factory on the spot, so that you can understand the situation of the manufacturer with the truth.

If you need to find a medical prototype model factory, you can choose the extension model, 17 years experience in prototype processing, there is 1-to-1 guidance from the US technical director. The quality is 38% higher than that of peers, the return rate is less than 3%, and the delivery period is 3-Can be shipped in 5 days.

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