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Which is good for pc prototype model?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2016-12- 05 17: 43

prototype model is a key link in the development of new products, and the appearance, structure and size of new product design are verified, it can greatly reduce the risk of product mold opening. In the prototype industry, pc is a transparent material. The processing method of pc prototype model is cnc machining and re-molding, the effect of the compound mold is not as good as cnc machining.

If the newly designed product does not do the prototype to verify, once there is a problem with the drawing design by the time the mold is opened, this will cause great cost losses to the enterprise. Everyone knows that the cost of opening the mold is not cheap. Some time ago, a customer found us through the network and needed to make a pc prototype, the cnc machining method is adopted. Let's show you the pc prototype effect diagram made by extension:

15 years of prototype production by extension model, from two or three equipment to now, it has more than 50 processing equipment and more than 160 employees, from product proofing to small batch production, one-stop service and its own re-mold processing part, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, successfully listed the new four boards in Shenzhen in June 2016 (Listing code: 667950) , Is a big change for the extension model.

Here is a warm reminder: just as the so-called money is sold, when customers choose products, they must pay attention to the sex ratio of products, not just the price!

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