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Which is good for prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-04- 19 17: 08

maybe when we talk to friends about the prototype model, friends will definitely ask what the prototype model is. Take a small series as a metaphor. Xiaobian went to other places to study a few days ago, and then discussed business issues with the people who studied together. When I answered, I asked which prototype was good in their area, and then they asked Xiaobian what prototype model was. In fact, the prototype model is to put the original product'Copy' Come out, it is processed according to the appearance of the original product. And what is this? Because of the emergence of many new products, these products need a lot of money to open the mold, but if problems are found when opening the mold. . That is essentially throwing good money after bad.

It is possible that many friends in the non-processing industry contact the prototype for the first time. when the word, there will be this problem. It's not clear what a prototype is. If you want to make a prototype model, you must first send a 3D stereo model map to the manufacturer. Find the prototype manufacturer to make, and then compare the processed prototype samples with the parameters originally set by the company to see if they meet the actual requirements. Of course, this can also process semi-finished products and finished products, but it will be more in terms of price. But! Most of the time, customers will be confused by the little benefits given by small manufacturers. That is the low price. Generally, small manufacturers will bring the professional strength of their prototype factory, but in terms of price, you will lose the direction of judgment. Customers will think that they have taken advantage of it. In fact, this is the psychology of the manufacturers. So if you want to ask which one is good for prototyping. Xiao Bian can only say that Shenzhen tuowei model company is very good. Advanced machine equipment, 55 CNC machining, as well as five-axis machining. More importantly, in order to have a good experience for customers, a dust-free workshop has been set up, and the prototype produced has no dust at all. And the accuracy is as high as ±0. 01mm. The professional strength of employees is also convincing.

Shenzhen tuowei model Co. , Ltd. has 17 years of processing experience. The extension model is trustworthy to customers. Which is good for prototyping, and the extension model is a treasure! If you have any intention of cooperation, you can contact customer service on the right side. Warm welcome!

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