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Which is more professional in prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
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since the prototype industry is an industry with a relatively low threshold, many prototype factories are mainly small workshops and few professional prototype factories are available. However, since most prototypes are used for participation, such prototypes are more strict in appearance processing. Once the prototypes are not well done, they will affect the effect of participation and waste time, it will cost an expensive booth. Therefore, it is more reliable to choose a professional prototype factory to make a prototype.

However, the prototype factory of the first-tier city or the prototype factory of the second-tier city needs to be determined according to your requirements. If you pay attention to the quality of the prototype, the prototype factory in the first-tier cities is a good choice. These manufacturers start earlier, the technology is more mature, the prototype accuracy is high, and the appearance is more exquisite, even more glorious than the product itself; If you focus on price and are not so strict with precision and appearance processing, you can choose a prototype factory in a second-tier city.

extension model is professional prototype factory in Shenzhen, since 2002, he has been working in prototyping, and now has 15 years of experience in prototyping, and Mr. BRADLEE, hired by the United States, has worked in a prototype factory in the United States for ten years, then I went to work in two well-known foreign-owned prototype factories in China for nearly four years and accumulated an advanced prototype production experience at home and abroad, especially through various especially inkjet technologies, he graduated from an industrial design university in the United States and is also a deep ID designer.

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