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Which is the prototype factory with good quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2017-09- 04 16: 28

as far as China is concerned, there are more prototype factories than Shenzhen, while in Shenzhen, there are no more dense prototype factories than Fuyong. In Fuyong, many prototype factories have been gathered, such as Tuwei model, industrial people and excellent technology. In so many prototype factories, which quality is better? Which one is better to make a prototype? Believe this is a concern for many people who need to make prototypes.

In general, the quality of the prototype depends on the experience of the equipment and the operator. The more advanced the equipment is, the higher the accuracy of the prototype, in addition, the quality of the prototype has a certain relationship with the level of the operator, many prototype factories in order to save costs, when choosing a machine, you will choose not to have a knife-facing instrument, you can only manually pair the knife, and experienced operators will be more accurate about the knife, which can reduce the error of the prototype.

The extension model is a prototype factory with strength in Fuyong, with 15 years of experience in prototyping in the prototype industry, the company has gone from only one or two CNC machining machines to 55 today, most of the CNC machining centers are equipped with a knife cutter, which can not only accurately correct the knife, but also greatly improve the work efficiency; Secondly, the operators of the extension model all have the operation experience in year 56, and are more skilled in the operation of the machine.

to sum up, if you need to find a good quality prototype manufacturer in Fuyong, you can choose the extension model.

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