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Which prototype factory in Shenzhen is cost-effective

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-12- 06 19: 44

through 17 years of careful service, the majority of customers really trust the extension model. However, customers often ask if they knew your factory earlier. Spend less money. I would like to talk to the customer about which prototype factory is good and how to identify the small factory with poor quality.

This is all due to the growing number of customers who need prototype suppliers for the development of long-term prototypes, in which small factories find profitable. Will attract customers with low prices. There is a connection, because it is concerned about the price, so the quality problem is ignored. After cooperation, I found that although it is cheap, the quality is not good and the appearance is poor. This is the idea of which prototype factory is good, and it is not worth the loss to understand that it cannot be cheap.

although the prototype of the extension model is slightly more expensive than some small factories, the services provided are differentiated. The cost performance is also many times higher, so customers who are not willing to cooperate with Tuowei at first have a big change after going through it, and there is a need for long-term cooperation. Which prototype factory is good, you should have an answer in your heart.

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