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Which router prototype is good?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2017-01- 03 17: 01

with the rapid development of the Internet era in life, there will be many WIFI signals in many places or environments, which are generally used in hotels and restaurants, office, factory building, store, etc. , such as this, the router will be used. If you want to develop this type of product, you need to do a router prototype after the drawing design is completed.

The purpose of prototyping is mainly to check whether there are any problems in the design of new products, whether they are feasible, and whether they are structural to products, the appearance and size are verified. We helped the customer to make a router prototype some time ago. Let's show you the prototype renderings made by extension:

The prototype can reduce the risk of product mold opening, everyone knows that the cost of mold opening is not cheap. If the prototype is not made, the product drawing design will be problematic, which will cause great cost losses to the enterprise. The extension model has rich experience in prototype production, engaged in the prototype industry for 15 years, and successfully listed the new four boards in June 2016.

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