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who made that 3-d printer?

by:Tuowei     2019-08-25
In early 1980, an engineer named Chuck Hull came up with an idea for his boss: to make a machine that prints out objects you can hold in your hand.
His manager dissuaded him.
After all, the company is producing UV lights, not \"Star Trek\" replicators.
But in the end, the two reached a compromise: Hull dedicated his strength to the company\'s lamps and lanterns every day;
In the evening, he will piece together his dream machine.
At the beginning, ultraviolet rays gave Hull insight.
The factory uses these lamps to harden the plastic finish onto the table top or rubber tile.
Hull realizes that he can etching plastic layers into whatever shape he likes with UV rays, and then stacking those layers into 3-D object.
At the beginning, he had to write code to tell his machine how to cut each layer, which was a hard process.
\"I was limited to a fairly simple shape,\" he said . \"
One day, for example, he brought home a snack.
The size cup for his wife.
\"It looks like something you bought to wash your eyes at a pharmacy,\" he said . \".
His first 3-
\"D printer\" is so messy that it looks like it was mailed
Just like some of the devices they use in the movie water world.
But in the last century
1980, the printer has developed into a product that can work, although it costs several hundred thousand dollars.
Because the printer was too heavy to drag the demo, Hull made a home movie for executives.
Still, he said, \"We have a huge response.
Especially in Detroit.
\"At that time, AmericaS.
\"The auto industry is already far behind Japan, and auto companies are in desperate need of a secret weapon,\" said Hull. The 3-
D The printer is just: the engineer can create his own prototype for the door handle or stick
Move the knob instead of sending the blueprint to the tooland-
Mold workshop, shaved off for several months during the design process.
The technology is now affordable.
Printer starts at $1,299)
All kinds of people caught 3-D fever.
A professor at the University of California is printing a whole house. Another 3-
D The artist carved a \"hand of the electronic Man\" for his son (
Born without a few fingers)
Pick up a water bottle.
What\'s even more disturbing is that an organization called Defense claims to be from open-
Then print it out.
\"Anything that can be made will be made by anyone anywhere,\" Joris Peels wrote . \"D pioneer.
\"Anyone can. D-
Print spoons, mines or roses.
\"SKUNKWORKSTim Anderson projectfounded Z Corp.
, Created a fast way of 3-D printing.
How are you in 3-D printers?
I live in a student.
Run machine stores in MI. T.
This is an anarchy utopia where you can appear and mend.
I\'m working on a painting robot called Van Gogo.
One day I was wandering in the Hall of M. I. T.
I picked things up in the trash and finally met someone in the basement of Building 35.
They\'re working on 3-
They need someone with an electronic product.
I said I was one.
They came over to see my painting robot and left happily.
Then I got the revelation: \"Oh, I should follow up on this.
Because as an artist, I can do the same thing, call myself an engineer and get paid.
\"This is what I\'m in a 3-D printer.
How did you build a working prototype?
I was not bothered by my appearance. I was Mr. Skunkworks.
I found the parts from the inkjet printer through the garbage dump and then built them with them.
We use a lot of inkjet nozzles on our machine.
What was the earliest thing you scanned and printed at Z Corp. ?
This printer is very popular in medical imaging.
So we have a lot of skulls around us.
For the surgeon, can be in 3-
Practice breaking them and regrouping them together.
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