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Why 3d drawings are needed for prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2014-12- 09 17: 03

engaged in prototyping for so many years, often dealing with a variety of customers, in general, many customers asked us to provide the corresponding 3d drawings for the prototype. But occasionally, there are a few customers who don't know the prototype yet. They usually want to make the prototype without 3d drawings. Often they will say how I know to have 3d drawings. Now, Xiaobian will explain to you why 3d drawings are needed for prototypes?

as far as the current situation is concerned, the main ways of making prototypes mainly include cnc machining, 3d printing and vacuum remolding, although they work differently, 3d drawings must be used. The basic principle of cnc machining is that the feed processing route of cnc lathe refers to the turning point of the turning knife (Or fixed origin of machine tool) Start to move until you return to that point and end the path passed by the machining program, including the path of cutting and the path of non-cutting air travel such as cutting and cutting, these paths are set according to the 3d drawings.

3d printing is based on a digital model file, the adhesive materials such as special wax materials, powdered metal or plastic are used to make 3D objects by printing a layer of adhesive materials. 3D printers are used to make products at this stage. Technology to construct objects by printing layer by layer. The principle of the 3D printer is to put data and raw materials into the 3D printer, and the machine will make the products layer by layer according to the program.

vacuum compound die technology is the use of product prototypes (Such as: fast prototype, prototype, prototype) In the vacuum state, the silicone mold is made, and the PU material is used for pouring in the vacuum state, so as to clone the same copy as the product prototype. The prototype of this compound mold prototype is made by cnc machining or 3d printing, so 3d drawings are also needed to make the compound mold prototype.

to sum up, whether you use cnc machining, 3d printing or vacuum compound molding technology to make a prototype, you must prepare a 3d drawing in advance. If you don't make the drawings, you can find a special design company nearby to do it, or let the prototype company do it, general prototype companies have professional design drawings.

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