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Why Buying A 3D Printer Might Make You Scream

by:Tuowei     2019-08-10
Search for \"3D printer\" on Kickstarter \".
Com\'s crowdfunding website has revealed more than 300 such projects, dating back to 2011.
Of course, not everyone has money.
New 3D printer
Start almost every week and find an affordable 3D printer for your business or hobby.
I get calls or emails every week asking \"what kind of 3D printer should I buy?
\"It depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend,\" I replied . \".
\"Most consumers and small business owners don\'t want to spend too much money.
Now, it seems like a rather provocative post title, especially given my optimistic coverage and experience with 3D printing, but it\'s a real post title.
Depending on how you will use a 3D printer, it may or may not make sense for you to purchase one now or in the future.
With the rise of service agencies such as shape channels, or 3D networks such as 3D Hubs or MakeXYZ, these networks make it possible for local 3D printing without having to own your own printer.
So, in this article, I outlined the reason why you shouldn\'t buy a 3D printer.
Reason 1: many 3D printer companies, especially new and small manufacturers, lack the customer support that many consumers and small business owners need or want.
Of course, it\'s easy to solve this problem: do a lot of research and read what active users say.
It\'s hard to find this useful suggestion, so I went to find and found the 3D hub \"best 3D printer guide\" to write the guide by asking the user, everyone has one or more 3D printers, which is its favorite printer.
With nearly 20,000 3D print \"hubs\" or a single location with a printer, this seems to be the best way to find a reputable 3D printer.
Reason 2: few printers are plug-insand-
Just like the tech industry likes to talk about products.
The setup of the 3D printer is improving, but usually more challenging than one would expect.
In addition to lending me a printer as a media or special project evaluation unit, I have an old MakerBot cupcake and a Rapman in my workshop and I spend more time trying to get those old machines to print.
I would say, I have a great experience with the LulzBot Mini that is currently on loan to me, it is really Plug and Playand-play.
Are you a designer or an artist studying 3D printing?
Click on the second page here to read more.
The third reason: you are a designer, an artist.
If you were a creatorat-
The heart and the process that likes to keep the machine working well and bend it as you wish, then you should buy a 3D printer.
Otherwise, you should ask for help from others to help you print designs, models.
Reason 4: cash expenditure on the purchase of the printer itself, not to mention material.
I asked 3D hub to provide some input on cost-benefit analysis of ownership and leasing.
Now, to be fair, they have some bias because they are building a network of personal 3D printers that can basically be rented out.
On the other hand of this biased review, they are almost equally in favor of more of us buying printers and putting them on a 3D Hub Network.
So, I will let you decide, if there is a deviation in this little bit of data: a friend of mine logically calls me out on this cost
Ask me if I have the benefit of running the cost-
Benefit Analysis of my kitchen mixer.
Most of the year, it was in the cabinet, but when I wanted it-well, it offered a lot of benefits at that time.
While I\'m a huge fan of 3D printing and love what it can do, I strongly recommend you evaluate whether it makes more sense to own or rent 3D printing.
Advantages of 3D printing on payper-
Especially when you start testing water, the foundation of the project is huge.
Another option to see which printer is suitable for you is to join and participate in makerspace. Makerspace.
Com has a good directory.
If you have a 3D printer and would like to suggest why it is better to buy and rent it, please share it in the comments.
Please keep your comments friendly and reasonable as this article is intended to provide ideas and options.
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