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Why choose a confidential prototype factory?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-03- 30 08: 00

after the design of the new product drawings, the general enterprise will find a prototype factory, according to the product drawings, first make a prototype to verify that in order to test whether the design of the product is feasible, it is a very critical link in the process of developing the product.

Why do you want to choose a prototype factory with strict secrecy?

since most of them are products that have just been developed by enterprises, they will consider choosing a confidential and strict prototype factory to cooperate when making prototypes, no one wants the new products that his company has just developed to be copied by others, which will cause great cost losses to the company.

at present, the secrecy measures of most prototype factories are only signed with customers, and the extension model is selected, another move is the confidential software, which can be opened normally only after being authorized by the general manager to prevent the customer's product drawings from leaking out.

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